Hey! I'm Kareema 

This journey of mine manifested some time ago but I recently just started taking baby steps moving towards finding my purpose. You know how it goes, you get tired. The only way I can really describe it is... I didn't recognize myself anymore. I'm in a season where I have to constantly remind myself that whatever storm, circumstance, fear, past decision, high or low moment in my life is just that, mine. It's a part of the process. 

The older I get I see now why things had to go the way they did. 

Why I am here right now, in this moment and living the life I am. 

In spite of everything, I am extremely blessed. I'm 37, I have three beautiful children. I love God!

 I am a single mother, I've divorced twice (Do you know how long it took me to say that without feeling ashamed?) I have a career with over 18 years of experience, a small business, 

devoted to the people who genuinely love me. I want to leave a lasting impression on Kweens through sharing my experiences, knowledge, faith, time and space.

With that being said, the mountains that I've climbed and the storms I've weathered have been a weight of bricks on my back. I've allowed those things to make me feel defeated and have battled with who I am.

The year of 2019 and all the years to follow I will reach a higher level in my life and BAWSE UP.

The bricks that were once used as dead weight, will be the foundation to help me stand firmly.

I welcome you to join me. This journey is going to be AMAZING!

It's "Go Time" Kweens!

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