• Baw'se Up Kweens

These past few months, I’ve had the road laid out, I mean LAID out.

You hear me?

Kweens, no I’m not really sure you’re understanding.

I’ve been brainstorming, creating, preparing,planning and praying and I believed I had it.

It’s been smooth riding.  

And BOOM….a detour happened. They come in every form, shape and size.

They simply throw us off our route. I don’t know about you but then my emotions get a hold of me and begin reflecting a person that believes their plans have crumbled.   

So how do we handle these detours when they come up? Some of us take it like a champ. Then its others times we may become frustrated, confused, discouraged and even heartbroken. Thinking, “Things were going good, whats up?”

Many times we aren’t really concerned with the possibilities of maybe this detour needed to happen. It just doesn’t feel good right, so we’re not with it. But what if I told you this:

1. The detour was for our safety - We think we know, but Kweens we don’t

2. There are certain things that we needed to see or witness that would of never been available if the detour didn’t happen

3. We’re headed in the right direction but we aren’t ready

4. Maybe our trust and faith is being tested and

5. Last but not least our own decisions brought us to this point.

Rather 1-6 we should keep going, loose the doubt and take it all in. Know and believe that the route before us is better. We’re constantly evolving and growing.

God is our ultimate guide. He directs the path and routes us to where we need to go.

It doesn’t feel good all the time but instead of us resisting Kweens, let’s yield. Resist our flesh and yield, even when it’s uncomfortable, even when its not totally clear, even when the why isn’t clearly visible to us.

Can you remember a time in the past or even recently a detour happened?

Think about what your immediate reaction was.

Then think about how you felt after the detour, once you were back on track.

Do you think you missed out on anything?

Are you thankful for the detour?

Think about it. What if God never took you that way? When we get anxious, lets reflect and remember who God is and with every route, detour, obstacle or stop, let’s just yield.

  • Baw'se Up Kweens

This week while I was at my first mammogram appointment I was blessed to have a Medical Representative named, Taylor assist me. I’ve shared previously that I had some anxiety but Taylor was great. We immediately stated chatting. I told her how about the Bawse Up Kween Community and what our mission is. Taylor was friendly but most of all very resourceful with information that I could share to with you. Sometimes our health goes on the back burner for whatever reason, “We’re too busy, I feel fine, the cost is too high, my insurance doesn’t cover it, procrastination etc...” Our health is so important and I know I have completely neglecting mine, at times. This year I’m making a conscious effort to do better and be in the know about my health. These resources are great.

Below you will find their name, contact information, website and services offered.

1. Good Samaritan Health Center  (Several Locations: Gwinnett/Cobb/Atlanta Area)

Non-Profit Organization- Federal Qualified Health Center



Physical Exams

Acute Disease Management

Chronic Disease management

Women’s Health



Exams, preventative Dentistry and advanced


Health education


Per Good Samaritan - They believe “All people should have access to quality healthcare, regardless of their economic status.  This belief allows Good Sam patients to pay according to their financial ability. Health services are charged on a sliding fee scale based on family size and income.  The health center does not turn anyone away due to inability to pay. Proof of income is required.”

2. Access One

Patient Financing Program for Medical Expenses


FAQ https://www.myaccessone.com/Home/FAQ

Access One help patients pay for medical cost with affordable monthly payments and zero to low interest rates. Your credit is not harmed. No amount too small or large.

· No credit reporting

· Option to consolidate medical bills (Add Multiple family’s accounts)

· Sign up right online Account Number /Provider

**Everyone qualifies – Your credit history will not prevent you from qualifying. You have equal and fair payment terms.

3. Financial Counselor Gwinnett Medical

(P) 678-312-4406

Email: financialcounselor@gwinnettmedicalcenter.org

Price Estimate Assistance

(P) 678-312-4212



Financial assistance is offered to patients who are in need of medically necessary care and who are uninsured, underinsured or even unable to pay

Gwinnett Medical Center’s advised their goal is to be the leading hospital in the region to provide the highest quality of care. By offering the option of financial assistance and an actual financial counselor to assist you every step of the way!

Online you can complete an application. There also may be documents that you will need to be provided. This is a case by case basis.

4. Last but not least – County Health Department



Clinical Services

Adult/Child Immunizations

Breast &cervical Cancer Screening

Family Planning

STD Testing, Treatment & Follow UP


Women’s Services and more

Women’s, Child & Adolescent Health

Community Health and more

  • Baw'se Up Kweens

According to breastcancer.org,

*1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their life time.

*Our risk nearly DOUBLES if we have a first degree relative who has been diagnosed.

*Brest cancer is diagnosed every two minutes in the US.

*The year 2019 estimates 268,600 new cases of breast cancer diagnoses

*41,760 women in the US are expected to die from breast cancer.

* In women under 45 breast cancer is more common in African American women than any other race.

Keep Calm And Check Da Girls!

After reading all those facts, how do you feel? What did you think about?

I asked myself, “How important is my life to my children and I?”

Even with hearing and knowing, having family that’s been diagnosed, experienced loss…

I was hesitant, dumb huh? Big ‘Ol Scary Cat. I know.

At my annual gynecologist appointment, my doctor did her thing, then reviewed my chart. She then started asking a little more questions than normal. We went through our second part of the appointment, where the quick breast exam happens. It’s similar to the self exam I do. Then the words came out her mouth, “ It’s time for your mammogram.” My heart dropped, my mind was spinning, I know I was probably looking crazy. Listen, my doctor is great, she answered my questions, comforted and tackled my concerns but still there was this uneasy feeling I couldn’t shake.

I looked at that mammogram appointment paper for weeks. It went back and forth, from my purse, to the nightstand, on my office desk, the bathroom and back again. I remember the exact day, May 2, 12:10 PM. I sat in my office chair and rocked back and forth for a few minutes, starring at the paper. I looked at the number to call for a few more minutes. I put my arms on the desk and rested my head there. Closed my eyes and stayed there for a few more minutes. Then, I looked to the right and there was my prayer box. I opened it up, got a blank card and wrote TAKE MY FEAR AWAY! I looked at it, folded it, dropped it in my prayer box and locked it. I needed to released my fear as it related to my health. I didn’t want to give fear the power.  

Shortly after, I made the call and my appointment was set. Now, I know what I said but the days leading to that appointment, your Girl was still having a tad bit of anxiety and the day of…Sheesh!

I woke up early that morning, laid in the bed way longer than I should’ve, finally got up and started getting ready. I was dragging, your girl was dragging.

It was quiet in the house, I didn’t play any music, no news, no phone. I needed silence. When I pulled into the doctors parking deck, my nerves had calmed down. From beginning to the end, my appointment was pleasant. They communicated with me, answered all my questions, laughed with me, walked me through the whole procedure and showed patience with me during.

Now, I’m not going to act like my boobs weren’t just smashed like pancakes (five times on each side to be exact), or that the positions weren't awkward and yea I was a tad bit sore after. But it beats the unknown. Regardless of the results I’m equipped to handle it.

While learning more of my family genetics and experiencing changes in my body as I get up in age, it was necessary. I’ve been cheating myself. There is power in being proactive with your health.

Knowing all that we’re up against, why not? Start your mammogram screening now.

Join the Cause! I’m glad I did.

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