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We have two hands, one to help ourselves and another to help others. We all have our own light inside of us. Lighthouse of Gwinnett  partners with the community and parents to light the pathway to meet families were they currently are. 


"If you want the light to come into your life,

you need to stand where it's shinning."

Helping Gwinnett Families

The year of 2020 we'll have our

2nd Annual Community Events and more.....

Join us!








November 2019
Let's Celebrate Women Event - Lighthouse of Gwinnett was spotlighted by the community to join other phonemenal women as a platform making a difference in our community. Also honored by Mayor Rey Martinez, The Mayor of Loganville, GA
October 2019
Community Fall Festival - Collaborated with seven other ministries to share in love, faith and hoe during the season. This included live music, performances, games, food and lastly onsite resources for individuals and families. 
August 2019
Back 2 School Drive - We were blessed to partner with several organizations, 25 volunteers and we able to give-away 105 Book-bags with school supplies and lunch. The recipients also include 2 Gwinnett County housing communities and neighboring elementary schools.

June 2019

Helping Gwinnett Families - 35 volunteers joined us to fight the ongoing, unspoken need in our community to fight hunger. With that being said, we were able to assist families with meals and resources. Our first event was mind blowing and we brought awareness to the community, by assisting  400 people in 6 communities. This is only the beginning as we leave our mark and extend helping hands to others. Together we can and we did!


Melinda, Property Manager 

Thank you!  Every meal prepared was truly enjoyed by the guests.  Please keep me updated on events.


Tina, Property Manager 

Thank you for all you are doing and will continue to do, God bless you all.



Shannon, Volunteer & Partner 

Shades of Power and Love

Proud of you for allowing God to use you in the best ways serve others.

Tameeka, Volunteer

The event was a huge success, witnessing everyone's passion for giving back is a huge inspiration!

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