• Baw'se Up Kweens

Detour? I don't want to go that way!

These past few months, I’ve had the road laid out, I mean LAID out.

You hear me?

Kweens, no I’m not really sure you’re understanding.

I’ve been brainstorming, creating, preparing,planning and praying and I believed I had it.

It’s been smooth riding.  

And BOOM….a detour happened. They come in every form, shape and size.

They simply throw us off our route. I don’t know about you but then my emotions get a hold of me and begin reflecting a person that believes their plans have crumbled.   

So how do we handle these detours when they come up? Some of us take it like a champ. Then its others times we may become frustrated, confused, discouraged and even heartbroken. Thinking, “Things were going good, whats up?”

Many times we aren’t really concerned with the possibilities of maybe this detour needed to happen. It just doesn’t feel good right, so we’re not with it. But what if I told you this:

1. The detour was for our safety - We think we know, but Kweens we don’t

2. There are certain things that we needed to see or witness that would of never been available if the detour didn’t happen

3. We’re headed in the right direction but we aren’t ready

4. Maybe our trust and faith is being tested and

5. Last but not least our own decisions brought us to this point.

Rather 1-6 we should keep going, loose the doubt and take it all in. Know and believe that the route before us is better. We’re constantly evolving and growing.

God is our ultimate guide. He directs the path and routes us to where we need to go.

It doesn’t feel good all the time but instead of us resisting Kweens, let’s yield. Resist our flesh and yield, even when it’s uncomfortable, even when its not totally clear, even when the why isn’t clearly visible to us.

Can you remember a time in the past or even recently a detour happened?

Think about what your immediate reaction was.

Then think about how you felt after the detour, once you were back on track.

Do you think you missed out on anything?

Are you thankful for the detour?

Think about it. What if God never took you that way? When we get anxious, lets reflect and remember who God is and with every route, detour, obstacle or stop, let’s just yield.

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