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I'm here, I'm finally here. You may ask…"Kareema, Girl, where is here?"

Kweens, here is my place of peace, contentment, love, learning, encouraging myself, standing firm on faith and most importantly having a burning desire to be better. THIS PLACE is where the sun shines on my brown skin and I am revived.

Each day is filled with nurturing myself to be a better mother, servant, daughter, sister, friend and loved one. THIS PLACE is where growth, takes place. I look back for short moment only to reflect because I belong here. Is it weird to say I have the right to be here, In THIS PLACE? I found myself at a cross road and I stayed stagnant for years.

Being a single mom has so many emotions attached to it. I always have the thoughts of, "Am I doing what's right?" ''Am I modeling a person that I would like my children to be?'' "Am I providing a positive environment for them?" "Am I enough?" Look, I understand the place I was in was difficult, I understand I really did beat the odds. I also know that His protection did just that, protected us. Many times I would speak negatively to myself, doubting, torturing and criticizing myself. I didn't give myself enough credit. Credit? What is that? Then there were other days, I would say, "Oh yea you that one!" (HA) **Brushing my shoulders off**

Then there's my demanding career and after almost 20 years of climbing up the ladder working with the highest level of executives and managing their accounts …. I feel a longing to do something else. But I'm good at it, I make an impact on others and it financially provides a lifestyle for my children and I. My career has been good to me but there's more. In THIS PLACE more is before me.

My personal life on the other hand, when I have time. It's hmmmmm hectic. Who ever he is, he has to understand I am a mother first. I use to always say I just want to find someone and be happy. I don't believe that's accurate in THIS PLACE. In THIS PLACE, I want to be happy with myself and allow God to have him find me. I want him to prepare me. I didn't understand then. I needed to heal from my past, take responsibility, hold myself accountable, love myself unconditionally and be myself. I need to allow myself to love the life I have and walk in the life I am destined to live. This is my hearts desire.

In THIS PLACE I BAWSE UP and let me tell you nothing is going to stop me!

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